Comparison of Manual and Electric Toothbrushes

Electric toothbrush is really better than Manual one.I am normally not the kind of person to substitute my good working toothbrush for a fancy electronic gadget that ought to produce the same results, but the Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush really shifted my position. Unlike most products these days, it really does what it says on the label and all I can say is that my mouth has never felt more amazing. I used to think that white teeth and healthy gums come after an expensive appointment at the dentist’s office, now it’s as if I have my own dentist at home!
The best part is results come immediately and you don’t have to follow any special procedures or buy more products, just whiter and healthier teeth right after the first brush. I suppose that effect was what changed my mind about electric toothbrushes.

I have always considered that mouth hygiene was a sort of habitual tradition and once you were used to one toothbrush that was it. With Philips Sonicare that immediately changed after my tea stains disappeared (I should know being a heavy tea drinker). After my plaque levels improved, my old manual brush could no longer compete. I admit I found it difficult to adjust to the hard vibrations and the difference in experience, but overall I cannot complain. It feels very strange when you first use it almost like an earthquake in your mouth, but one does get used to it and it soon becomes a pleasant experience. The whole process is much more sophisticated than from simply moving your hand and hoping you get everything clean – it has a beep to let you know you should move to the next quarter of my mouth, it is also timed to activate every 30 seconds so that the effectiveness of the brush is maximized and you pay an equal amount of attention on every bit of your mouth. I also adore how the head is smaller, allowing for a much better clean of the whole mouth; not to mention it just fits better and is much more comfortable for the mouth cavity.

Contrary to many myths about electric toothbrushes, the Philips Sonicare toothbrush is extremely easy to use. It has an illuminated icon that indicates battery life and like a phone, it even reminds you when to recharge it. From experience it really takes up to 24 hours to give it a full recharge, but once it’s done you can use it for a very long time. The Sonicare Flexcare model, which I use, has an extended battery life so you won’t really need the travel charger, if going on a trip. I admit sometimes the brush sits on the handle without getting any power, but that’s why I’d recommend not recharging it frequently as you may damage the battery. If that does happen to you, I would suggest you contact the manufacturer or replace the recharger all together. In any case I can guarantee, Sonicare will be very helpful and polite in such matters.

The good news is it has only one on and off button and another for the different modes, a sigh of relief for all technologically challenged people like myself. The Flexcare possesses three modes in order to provide a much thorough clean i.e. Clean, Sensitive and Massage; in addition to two Routines (Max Care and GoCare). It is nice to know there is a difference between the different options, the Sonicare Flexcare offers much gentler brushing with the Sensitive option and the Massage option gives a nice change of pace along the gum lines. I was also surprised to find out how much brush time is reduced. I am relieved to say I am no longer subjected to annoying toothpaste stings, because with the Flexcare it now takes me 2 minutes to brush instead often (I can also add I’ve gone to work on time much more frequently because of that).You don’t have to be afraid of electric shocks or water penetrating, the Flexcare model has a very intelligent and ergonomic design that keeps water off and provides a safe and easy grip. The only thing that was slightly disappointing was that the antibacterial light blinks only 50% of the time, so they do need to improve on that. In addition the vibrating shaft does loosen over time, but its technology (what can you do?). Manual toothbrushes are not so efficient like Electric Toothbrushes

If one goes to the Sonicare site, you will be amazed at the accessories they offer, but do not worry they are not overwhelming. In fact I have found them quite helpful and impressive. There are different types of brush heads i.e. ProResults standard brush head for an All-Around Clean and 1 ProResults compact brush head for a Precision Clean. It is very simple to attach and detach them, just remember there is a slight space between the apparatus and the attachment until properly configured. You can easily distinguish between different brush heads as they give you different colour rings that can be easily attached. Sonicare is even kind enough to add an additional brush head with a ring in case one is lost. There are two chargers available – one small charger; and one full size charger that is attached to a UV sanitizer. The Flexcare UV Sanitizer is an amazing tool and you would be surprised at how many germs and bacteria are left on your toothbrush after use. Quite frankly without it, one would simply invite them back in on the next use, as hot water is not enough to destroy them. Fortunately Flexcare has solved that problem and the sanitizer can work on two brush heads at the same time, so you do not have to stand all day in front of it. The whole package comes together in a light travel case, which was very helpful for me as it solved the eternal question of where and how to store your toothbrush, when you’re going away.

Overall I can confidently recommend this product for use. It is slightly on the expensive side, but offers great value for money and will definitely last longer than your regular toothbrush. For myself and for my friends Sonicare Flexcare has turned teeth cleaning into a real 21st century experience with its high tech design and sophisticated performance. It is safe, easy to use and performs so much better that your regular plastic pall. Whether for its incredible health improvements or just for the chance to make teeth cleaning a more personal experience, go for the Sonicare Flexcare as it will change your life, if not just your opinion!