Sonicare Replacement Heads

You can re-attache these toothbrush heads to your SonicareDental health is a big concern nowadays and thanks to a different variety of Sonicare replacement heads for your toothbrush, brushing your teeth regularly is     just a breeze! Aside from the fact that everything is automatic, it also is very beneficial for your teeth and gums as it thoroughly cleans your mouth the way a conventional toothbrush would do – only a hundred times better!

One of the best things about Sonicare toothbrushes is that there are replacement heads that can be easily re-attached to your current electronic toothbrush. This is important because according to the American Dental Association, it is important to replace your toothbrush at least 4 times a year for optimum results.

Sonicare Brush Benefits:

Not everyone is too sold on the idea of electronic toothbrush because of the idea that it’sjust a lazy way to brush your teeth. However, there are really known benefits of using Sonicare replacement heads which happens to be proven based on countless studies. So if you are still having doubts about using electronic toothbrushes, here are some benefits to make you think twice:

Less Dentist Appointments – If you smoke cigarettes or drink a lot of coffee or both, then you’re more likely prone to stains which will result in dentist appointments. When you use a Sonicare brush, the cleaning action alone can leave your teeth clean and sparkly without the need or regular dentist appointments!

Cleans Like No Other – With extensive and deep cleaning action, you are less likely to have cavities with using this amazing brush. The secret of all Sonicare replacement heads its bristle placements. With the help of the vibrating function of the toothbrush handle, you can expect a cleaner and fresher experience all the time.

More Comfortable Than Ever – compared to its competitors, 7 out of 10 electronic toothbrush users will pick Sonicare replacement heads over its counterparts just for the comfort and effectiveness alone. It’s amazing how soft and gentle it can be for your teeth and gums yet it does an excellent job cleaning.

One for All, All for One.  Handle – so, you purchased a Sonicare brush but you want to share the experience with people you care about? No Problem! You can purchase additional Soni care replacement heads at different sizes with ease! Detaching and re-attaching handles is not a pain at all,  even your kid can do it!

ADA Approved – with the American Dental Association’s seal of approval, you can expect that all Sonicare brushes can be used by people with fillings, veneers and even braces! No matter what your dental condition is, Sonicare replacement heads are ultra-reliable and effective, and that is a proven fact.
Choose one of replacement heads for your toothbrush

Durability and Lifespan –  Compared to other electronic toothbrushes, Sonicare brushes are built to last. In fact, even the replacement heads will last longer compared to the standard toothbrush and other leading electronic toothbrushes.

  Why Sonicare Replacement Heads Are Worth It?

There are thousands of electronic toothbrushes out there, yet Sonicare replacement heads are the most purchased brush. Why? Simply because its quality and use is no match compared to its counterparts. In a typical family home, most families would find it practical to purchase replacement brushes as opposed to buying toothbrushes every quarter. Regardless of the size of your electronic toothbrush, these Sonicare replacement heads will fit perfectly on most models available today. If you are looking to save money in the long run, this is definitely the wisest purchase you could ever ask for. You can never go wrong with these replacement heads as they are proven to be cost-effective and durable for up to four months of use!

The Deciding Factor

One of the reasons why the Sonicare brushes are not widely used by every American today is because of the fact that not everyone can afford it. Philips made sure that their models are as affordable as possible but for electronic toothbrushes over $100 USD, that’s still a lot. Given that this toothbrush is not your typical toothbrush, you can rest assured that the quality is beyond the average electronic toothbrush around the market.

Plus, with the Sonicare replacement heads that you can buy in sets, you’ll definitely save more money. With unparalleled reliability and durability, it’s almost like you’ve found a toothbrush handle that you can use for a lifetime. So if you have the money to purchase a Sonicare brush, you’d better buy one now and save yourself from the hassle in the future.

Types of Sonicare Replacement Heads

Since it is already mentioned above that most (if not, all) of the Sonicare replacement heads are compatible with all Philips Sonicare brushes. Depending on your gum type, you can choose from different variants of replacement brushes that would definitely get the job done.

Healthywhite – this replacement head is considered to be one of the elite Sonicare brushes out today. Combined with the latest bristle technology and flexible modes and settings, you can expect clean and fresh teeth all day.

This is a small part of replacement heads for Sonicare Toothbrush

Flexcare+ – one of the most used Sonicare replacement heads today due to its size and settings. You can choose between compact and standard, which provides the same cleaning action, so no matter what you choose; you can expect extensive cleaning action with this brush replacement.

Xtreme the name alone speaks for itself. This e-series Sonicare replacement brush offers extreme and extensive cleaning all throughout even on hard-to-reach areas! If you are in need of a reliable brush, this is definitely for you!

Essence– inspired with the e-series mark, this is one of the Sonicare replacement heads that offers the same things the Xtreme model offers – only with gentler results. If you are looking for extensive cleaning without the rugged cleaning feeling, this Sonicare brush can truly do wonders for your teeth.

Sonicare Replacement Heads for Kids – Because kids want to use what mommy and daddy are using! Sonicare for kids offer unmatched cleaning action and highly durable. In fact, it’s so durable you can expect into grow with your kid or kids! Buying Sonicare replacement heads will be the only thing you have to worry as they grow.

You can never find an effective electronic toothbrush like Philips Sonicare. You can buy  it online in many shops.  The product quality alone speaks for itself in many ways possible. If you are the type of person who hates going to the dentist but you don’t want to ruin your teeth, this electronic toothbrush will definitely help! Regardless of how you want your bristles, the Sonicare replacement heads are widely available for your desired results!