The benefits of Electric Toothbrushes

Whenever I heard of products like electric toothbrushes or UV Sanitizers, I immediately connected them to one of those annoying TV commerce shows that went on for ages about how good the product was. That’s why when it was first recommended to me by a friend, I was very reluctant to try the Sonicare Electric toothbrush – a fact that soon changed, once this amazing piece of technology completely transformed my lifestyle.

Sonicare UV sanitizer kills germs on your brushheadAs a person who is generally plagued by drinking too much coffee, I was amazed at how soon my teeth stains were gone and I was not afraid to smile again. I have always considered myself of conservative character. I just brushed my teeth, the dentist took care of the rest. Expensive decision yes, but somehow it worked for me for years. That is until I started using the Sonicare electric toothbrush and it literally brought the dentist’s office to my house (in a fraction of the price). In just under two weeks my whole mouth started feeling much healthier, an effect previously unknown to me with the use of manual toothbrushes. It was just a whole new level of comfort and cleanliness, I had never experienced by just doing the work myself. After my plaque levels improved, my manual brush was out in the bin in a split of a second. The whole process is just so high tech, my old brush seems like an antique now. The machine has a beep to help you navigate through your mouth cavity so you always know when to move on to the next quarter of your mouth. The main benefit is that you pay equal attention on each and every tooth. It’s like a helpful, little, tiny instructor that beeps every 30 seconds to keep you on track. 

What I love best though is how much smaller the head of the electric toothbrush is compared to its manual rivals: and it just fits so snuggly into your mouth. Before I had to look forward to scratching my gums or stinging my tongue each time I cleaned my teeth, now I can reach all sorts of nukes and crannies I never knew I had. The only thing I can complain about is the strong vibrations you feel, when you first use it. It is definitely a strange experience, but it passes as you get used to the device.

I am sure many people still hesitate to buy an electric toothbrush (I know I did), but believe me they are extremely easy to use and maintain. The model I use- the Sonicare Flexcare, has a very long battery life, so it takes a while before I have to recharge it. From experience it takes something like 24 hours to fully charge the device, but once it is done you do not have to worry about it for at least a week. To make things easier, the Flexcare has a designed illuminated icon that indicates how much battery life is left and it even reminds you when to recharge it. Some of the things I’ve heard from friends is that sometimes the brush sits on the handle without getting charged. This is something I have not yet experienced, but I presume it’s due to battery deterioration than problems with the brush itself.

For those of you who are sci-fi fans (I know I am), there are plenty of futuristic looking buttons to go around. The Flexcare has five modes to choose from – Clean, Sensitive, Massage and two Routines called Max Care and GoCare. The difference is adamant and you can definitely feel it, whilst the brush is in use. The Sensitive option gives a much gentler brushing, while the Massage option offers a very fluent change of pace along the gum lines so as to eliminate discomfort. When you are done, you can easily switch it off with one click, it is a fairly straightforward process. The whole feel of the brush is also extremely comfortable for your hand: the design is very intelligent and ergonomic. The shape of the Sonicare provides a better grip when using so that you do not drop it on the floor (it’s fairly expensive). I was slightly concerned when I noticed that the antibacterial light blinks only half of the time, but I hope to it is only a temporary issue. The good news is that the whole package comes with a lot of accessories and other devices that improve Flexcare’s effectiveness. For one there are two types of brush heads, namely the Phillips Sonicare is made for those who care about teeth hygieneProResults Standard brush head for your typical everyday clean: and the ProResults Compact brush head that is used for a much more precise clean (perfect if you are preparing for a date and you want to look your best). You do not have to worry about mixing them up as you receive several different colored rings that you can easily attach to either component. In order to attach or detach any of the models, just remember there should be no space between apparatus and attachment. If you happen to overuse one. there is an additional brush head with a ring that comes with the product. There are two chargers available The first is the smaller one and the second is a full size charger that comes with a UV sanitizer connected to it. The purpose of the sanitizer is to basically eliminate any leftover germs or bacteria after washing that hot water under the sink could not catch. In addition it can work with two brush heads at the same time, so you can simply leave everything you use in it. In case you travel you can pack the whole thing in a delightful travel case, you don’t have to turn over your house to look for a bag small enough to keep your morning equipment.

All in all, the Sonicare Flexcare toothbrush is an amazing product to have for personal use. Now I look at all those years I used regular brushes and all I can do is wonder how much damage I did to my teeth. Flexcare makes all the difference, I would recommend it to anyone who care about their hygiene or just wants to save up on those trips to the dentist’s office It is just a 21st century gadget, which is designed for 21st century people – nothing more, nothing less. Presumably it all depends on taste and readiness to accept innovation, but trust me when I say that to have your own personal dentist at home is a luxury anyone should be able to afford!